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Mutmainna*, Akmal**, Syamsul Bahri***, A. Elman***, Hamzah***

This research aimed (1) to analyze the water quality, type of biofilter, which produced the best physical and chemical water quality in the cultivation of ; (2) to determine the best water quality which could produce the best growth.

The experiment design used descriptive, and the treatment used three replications. The maintenance was carried out indoors using 12 fiber as the maintenance containers. Each treatment used three different biofilter, namely A. a bioball, B. a mat, C. a dakron and D. control with the use of Gracillaria sp as feed and probiotics once a week. The water quality such as the temperature, salinity, DO, and pH, was observed everyday, and the water sample was taken and analyzed the Total Bacteria, NH3, NO2, NO3, TOM, PO4 and P2O5.

The research results indicated that during the maintenance, the values of NH3 <0.006 and NO2 <0.013, mearning that the values were the same for all the treatment and controls during the maintenance. This indicated that because the feed given was the natural feed, the protein value which was change was very small, and that resulted in the decomposition of the feed protein remained the same, and it was the phosphorus was generated instead of NH3, though the value another N element, i.e. NO3, fluctuated, and this indicates the occurrence of the nitrification process during the maintenance process. However, of all the total organic material and the survivals, the bioball was the best with the SR value was 91%, and next for the total bacteria, dacron was the best and SR was the second best during the maintenance period.

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