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T. Ridwan* and Abidin Nur
Brackishwater Aquaculture Development Center (BADC) of Ujung Batee,
Aceh, Indonesia

Rearing of pisang shrimp in tambak aimed to reveal its performance and growth pattern during domestication. In amount of 180,000 ind. of pisang shrimp postlarva-14 and was specific pathogen free stocked  in April in Subang, Keudeu Unga, Indra Jaya Subdistrict, Regency of Aceh Jaya. After 91 days, the survival rate of pisang shrimp is 84,4%. Subsequently, 140.000 ind. of pisang shrimp with average body weight ±6,24 gr was transferred to 6 grow out ponds. Average daily growth was 0,17 gram/day.  In amount of 19,870 ind. of selected shrimp was moved to Kareung Ateh, Indra Jaya, Aceh Jaya Regency with 1 ha pond. Sampling of shrimp in October showed that average body weight was 31.93 gram/ind., 497.78 kg of predicted biomassa, survival rate 78%, average daily growth 0.29 gr/day and FCR 0.78.

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