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Baharuddin, Hasanuddin, Bahri, Abidin Nur
 Brackish-water Aquaculture Development Center Ujung batee Aceh
Directorat Jenderal of Aquaculture, Ministery Fisheries and Marine Affair.


One of marine biodiversity Aceh which is being developed at this time is Pisang shrimp  with local names of Aceh is udeung Pisang, crustacean species that are morphologically including into Penaidae family. These shrimp appears is seasonally in coastal areas of West Aceh of Lamno to South Aceh and people call is flower king or lamboh or pisang shrimp (Penaeus sp) whose size is not inferior to the tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon), a variety production techniques approaches have been made to produce high survival rate of seed larvae (SR) as an indication of success production of the local shrimp specific species in Aceh.

Seed production activities is done in one building hatchery with the same tank capacity, with two tereatment (control and maintanace the temperature 32 OC, with thermostart) and four replication, the number of stock noupli was different with density 14 - 64 noupli/liter,  the data production for each tank have collected during one cycle (period November - December), focus on the survival rate data of post larvae 12 -13 days, and after was statistics analyzed with SPSS 17, to determine tendencies/frequency levels (Mode) and the average value (Mean) of the SR.

The results showed in this study the stocking density was very little effect on SR of production (R ² = 0.332) and the next analysis showed that frequency of SR was difference between treatments, where the control treatment with mean SR was 23.25%, with SR value wich occurs most frequently is 0.00%, while the treatment with thermostart was 32.75% SR, with SR value wich occurs most frequently is 22.00% (Table 1) or with comparison of those treatment on SR is 41.52% : 58.48%     (Figure 1).

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