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Samuel Lante* , Rosmiati, and Neltje.N. Palinggi
Research Institute for Coastal Aquaculture (RICA)
Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries
Jl. Makmur Dg. Sitakka No.129, Maros 90512
South Sulawesi, INDONESIA

The black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon is one of the two most important cultured shrimp species in the world. In the domestication of black tiger shrimp, the main problem being faced is the very low natural mating in the tank/pond so that fertilization of the egg can not be produced.  Therefore, one alternative to improve the egg fertilization of different age of black tiger shrimp is through artificial insemination (AI). This study aims to study the reproductive performances of different age of   black tiger shrimp artificial inseminated with wild male spermatophore.

The experiment was set in 2 treatments: a)  female black tiger shrimps at 11 months old with an average body weight of 89.2 + 21 g and b) female black tiger shrimp at 18 months old with an average body weight of 119.8 + 21 g. The shrimps were stocked in 2 concrete tanks of 3 ton in volume at the density of 12 shrimps/treatment. During the study, the shrimps were fed with a combination of squid, worms and mussels with 15% of the total body weight and given additional food in the form of moist pellet commercial. To release the spermatophore out of ampulla terminal, the males were electrically shocked by using an electrical transformer at 15 volt/7 mA provided by two electrodes. Both electrodes were places near the gonophores at the base of the fifth preopod for about 30-60 seconds. AI was applied  to the females at two days post-moulting. Variables observed were the number of spawn, fecundity, fertiled eggs, egg diameter and hatching rate (HR). Findings showed that the number of spawn, total fecundity, egg diameter and HR of fertiled egg of black tiger shrimp with the age of 11 months were lower than those of black tiger shrimp with the age of 18 months namely 50 %, 1,318,110 eggs and 250 µm for 11 monts and 75 %, 2,049,399 eggs and 255 µm for 18 months, respectively (Table 1). Results of this study indicated that the HR of fertiled egg of black tiger shrimp with the age of 18 months can be improved by using artificial insemination with wild male spermatophore.

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