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Pustika Ratnawati and Petrus Rani Pong-Masak
 Center for Seaweed Culture Research and Development
 Pelabuhan Etalase Perikanan Desa Tabulo Selatan
 Kec. Mananggu 96265,Kab. Boalemo, Gorontalo.
 Email: No hp: 081342575464

The lack of information at the level of farmers regarding productive planting time according to specifications location and seasonal changes make less than optimal productivity of the land is managed. Therefore, it is necessary to study the optimization of productive land use as part of the management of aquaculture to increase production of seaweed. The purpose of this study was to determine the planting season in the productive seaweed cultivation area in the waters of the Gulf Langge, North Gorontalo, so as to produce seaweed throughout the year according to the environmental conditions. The study was conducted in January-December 2015 in the village of Langge, District of North Gorontalo, Gorontalo. The units are arranged experiment with completely randomized design (CRD) with 3 repetitions at 3 point location (treatment). The treatment is the distance between the observation point from the mainland (upper bay), namely (1) = 100 m, (2) = 300 m, and (3) = 500 m. The main variables measured were growth / production, while supporting variable is the quality of the waters and the response performance of the thallus and container maintenance. Seaweed as experimental material is Eucheuma striatum were cultivated by the method of "longline" at the beginning of the growing weight of 50 g / clump and ris rope length of 35 m. At any given stretch of marker / label as much as 10 points and observed every interval of 15 days to 1 cycle (45 days). The observation for 7 cycles of cultivation shows that the type of E. striatum optimum at location 1 in March to December, and location 2 productive in May to December, while location 3 productive season in January-October. Differences season of growth and performance of the talus on each test site, where in location 1 growth response showed seaweed color darker with large thallus when compared with location 2 and location 3. System seaweed growing season can provide timing information the right to carry out farming activities, so farmers know the potential time of planting.

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