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Fingerling Culture of Saline Red Tilapia in Pond Using Low Level Protein Feed Enriched with Enzyme

Akhmad Fairus Mai Soni, Sapto Puji Raharjo, Erik Sutikno, Aris Maryono
Main Center for Brackhiswater Aquaculture Develompmet
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Seed culture of red tilapia saline up to fingerling size has been conducted in Brackishwater Aquaculture Development Center (BADC) pond at Jepara in March 2015. Aim of the research was to improve operational efficiency for the tilapia farmers.

Freshwater red tilapia seed sized of 2-3 cm with a number 25,000 has been adaptation due to salinity up to 15 g/liter. Adaptation use cement tanks container for 7 days until n ot occur death fish. The culture of fish carried out in 1,000 m2 BBPBAP ponds. The freshwater storage derived from rainwater. Culture periode of fry was 45 days and given formulated pellet (floating commercial feed) protein content of 14-16 %, which has been enriched with enzymes. Feeding time was done 2 times a day in the morning and afternoon with a dose of 100 % of fish biomass. Water renewal carried by 10 % of total volume every day.

The final result of fish culture for 45 days gained weight the size of an average 30 g/pcs or 33 pcs/kg with a length average of 12 cm fish. Fish growth is still above the normal growth of fish in fresh water by using 33 % protein feed. For comparison in fresh water with the same seed size was obtained 60-70 pcs/kg. During culture period the water conditions tend clear witahout plankton because of low amount fish feces. Carbohydrates instead of protein, can be overhauled by digestive enzymes in the energy propagation of fish into fish cells. Fingerling culture of saline red tilapia can be used with low protein feed (14-16 %) enriched with enzyme.

Keywords: Saline red Tilapia, enzyme, growth, Low level protein feed

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