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Mass culture of Diaphanosoma brachyurum  and Its Application for Penaeus monodon Larvae Rearing

Adi Susanto, Tri Wahyu Widayati, Iwan Aries Setiawan M.
Main Center for Brackhiswater Aquaculture Develompmet
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Mass culture of Diaphanosoma brachyurum was conducted as an effort to obtain alternative zooplankton for P.monodon larvae rearing.  D. brachyurum initially growth in 30 ton tank in media enriched with dry chicken manure. D. brachyrum will develop with in a few days.  Penaeus monodon larvae (PL-4) that used as tested animal was placed in 200 litre fiberglass tank with the density of 25 PL / litre.  D. brachyurum as single food was given 2 times per day with final density of 2 individual / ml in larvae rearing media. Result indicated  that D. brachyurum is good  type of live food for P. Monodon larvae.  Survival rate was 99,7 % in 10 days rearing period. Water quality media including salinity, temperature and dissolved oxygen were 20-27 ppt, 29,2 - 29,9°C, and 4,96 - 5,61 ppm respectively.  Both, larve and copepod were WSSV negative.

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