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Supito* and Darmawan*
Main Center for Brackhiswater Aquaculture Develompmet Jepara Central Java
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Problems of traditional shrimp farms is infection of disease that was caused by the application of technology and biosecurity improper. Other impacts can transmit viral diseases in more area. Management of traditional farming with optimizing the availability of facilities and capital investment so as to increase the productivity.

The study was conducted on traditional farming with intensification technology so as to improv  water quality maintenance with the appropriate investment. Design and construction of pond with an area of 500 m2-2000m2 can be built in a traditional farm land, so that the another pond can be used as a biofilter area. The use of aeration to maintain optimal water quality. Water management  used of a recirculation system with  macroalgae and herbivore fish.

The results of such studies the showing that shrimp production of 500-800 kg/plot or 8-10 tonnes/ha/MT the age of 3 months of crop size 60-70 individual/kg. Production cost of about IDR 35.000 - 37.000, -/kg/mt required operating costs of 18.5-29.6 million per pond. Shrimp price of IDR 60.000-65.000/kg so the profit is IDR. 28.000/kg. The investment small skill farmer conducting base on technology, required in proportion to the investment traditional  pond area of 1 ha, but with a higher risk of failure.

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