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Supito* and Darmawan*
Main Center for Brackhiswater Aquaculture Develompmet
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Aquaculture management with bioflock technology for tiger  shrimp culture through addition of probiotic bacteria to improve decomposition proccess  organic material form  over feed and shrimp feces degrade so as to avoid of toxic compounds such as ammonia and nitrite.

Study was  conducted on fourth ponds.  Pond square was 4000 m2.  Pond preparation was do for improve pond environment  and avoid  of pathogen. Stocking density  of post larvae was 150.000  pices per metre (37,5 pieces per m2).

The maintain for growth and abundance of probiotic bacteria was be added a carbon source  for the balance C/N ratio. Application of probiotics  with the Bacillus sp. bacterium with  dose is 1 kg /L/ha. Controlling abudance of probiatic backteria with apply molasses  dose 2-5 % form   total feed was used in the pond. Application molases was do  two time per week.

Results growth shrimp 22,3-23,9 g/ind with Average Day Growth (ADG) 23,24 ±0,7962  Survival  rate 51-57%.    Averege daily grouth rate (ADG) was  0,18±0,0061g/days. Shrimp production is  1.801-1.901 kg/ pond (4,503-4,988 kg/ha). Water quality of amonia maksimum was 0,48 ppm and Nitrite maksimum was 0,9 ppm. Total organic metric (TOM). Avarege of total bacteria wa 5,1 x 105 CFU with total vibrio sp bacteria less 11,4%.  The salinity of water during  culture period was 32-55 ppt. Abudance of bioflock was 20 cc/L that was measuer with inhoff tube. Bioflocs management system showed stable water quality parameters during aquaculture. Ammonia and nitrite can be reduced in conditions below the threshold.

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