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Petrus Rani Pong Masak dan Nova Fransisca Simatupang
Loka Penelitian dan Pengembangan Budidaya Rumput Laut
Jl. Pelabuhan Etalase Periknan Desa Tabulo Selatan Kec. Mananggu Kab. Boalemo, Gorontalo  96265

Introductions a type of seaweed to a new location will have a response Ecophysiology in growth performance form. That matter related to external and internal factors of seaweed, like enviromental water condition and thalus tissue also. The aim of this research was to evaluated response of growth of seaweed Gracilaria verrucosa through the introduction of seed rejuvenation with different long cuttings method in pond. The experiment was arranged in completely randomized design by using six treatment among others: 1 cm (A), 3 cm (B), 5 cm (C), 7 cm (D), 9 cm (E) and seed G. verrucosa without cutting as a control. The place of this research used a compartment of ponds and the whole of box treatment coated by net with size  50 x 50 x 50 cm. Seaweed seeds then cut in accordance with the treatment as much as 1000 g, and than distributed  evenly each to box treatmen.  Each treatmen  repated in three times and than cultivated during 60 days. The data of growth and water quality taken each 15 days. Data were analyzed by analysis of variance if significantly different will be tested further by W-Tukey. The results showed that the condition of ponds in Gorontalo less suitable for supporting the growth of seaweed G. verrucosa were introduced from Madura. In Addition the result showed that treatmen with 5 and 9 cm given different effect with control. Therefore, methods of cuttings thalus of seaweed Gracilaria verrucosa will be a new technology to provide better quality of seaweed seeds.

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