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Siti Zuhriyyah Musthofa*), Asep Permana, Siti Murniasih, Bastiar Nur, Sulasy Rohmi,Agus Priyadi
Research and Development Institute for Ornamental Fish Culture
Jl. Perikanan no.13, Pancoran Mas, Depok , 16436

Agamyxis sp is also called by common name "Spotting Talking Catfish" or "Spotting Raphaael Catfish". This spesies is found in various habitat types but shows a preference for slow-moving or still waters with an abundance of submerged or floating structures, among which it conceals itself during daylight hours. Agamyxis sp known as an introduction species from Amazon River. It have a good potential to be an ornamental fish.

Observation on effect prophylaxis treatment on early life of Agamyxis sp was conducted in Research and Development Institute for Ornamental Fish Culture, Depok. The study evaluated  the effect of 3 chemical (Sodium Chloride, Methylen Blue and Oxytetracyclin) on early stages of Agamyxis sp (Figure 1). The four treatments used were: Treatment 1 (2 g/l of sodium chloride), Treatment 2 (2 mg/l of methylene blue), and Treatment 3 (20 mg/l of Oxytetracyclin), Treatment 4 (control), with 5 replicates. 100 eggs of Agamyxis sp was used in this study. They incubated in 20 plastic container, volume 2 litres (Figure 2). The precentage of eggs hatched was observed in the groups of each treatments.

The result showed that percentage of eggs hatched was higher treated by sodium chloride (22%) than treated by Methylen blue (11,5%), Oxytetracyclin (12,5%) and control (9%) (Figure 3). So, sodium chloride was effective for prophylaxis treatment of Agamyxis sp eggs. According to Swann and Fitzgerald (1993), common table salt or sodium chloride is one of the most commonly used drugs in aquaculture and it is sometimes referred to as the "aspirin of aquaculture".

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