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Heru Nugroho*, Ibnu Sahidhir, Syafrizal, Muslim, Abidin Nur
Brackishwater Aquaculture Development Center of
Ujung Batee, Aceh, Indonesia


Water quality problem such as ammonia always be considered in tilapia culture with low water exchange. The activity implemented powdered activated charcoal in intensive business scale. Tilapia fingerling sized 3-5 cm stocked with density 30 ind/m2 in 150 m2 concrete tank. Powdered activated carbon was added to feed with dosage 1,5% and starch 1,5% of feed weight. Both of them was implemented to water with each amount 0,5% of delivered feed weight. Feed was served twice a day with feeding rate 5% in the first month, 4% for the second month and 3% for the remain. The fish was harvested at day 100th. The yield exhibited that the feed conversion ratio was 1,01. The FCR was considerably low. The survival rate is high i.e. 92%. The effect of less uniform of fingerlings size caused 50% of fish are under market size and the other a half fish had various size 5-10/kg. Profit gained from the yield approximately IDR.2.920.000. Application of powdered activated carbon reduce water exchange significantly. The powdered activated carbon coagulated the sediments, make the water more clear. Siphon was required after 2 month. The sediment is cohesive and not easy to degrade because it was consisted mainly of filamentous algae. In the 3rd month the centric diatom was dominant.

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