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Mochammad Zamroni*, Rendy Ginanjar, Siti Zuhriyyah Musthofa, and Siti Subandiyah
Research and Development Institute for Ornamental Fish Culture,
Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Republic of Indonesia
Jln. Perikanan No 13, Pancoran Mas, Depok, West Java, Indonesia

Indonesian Tigerfish (Datnioides microlepis) were one of more than a hundred species of Indonesian ornamental fish. Its endemic to the island of Borneo and Sumatera. The exploitation of this spesies were more intensive. A millions of juvenile were captured in the wild and exported in worldwide, especially in China. The present article focuses on fingerlings of Datnioides microlepis in recirculating system with experimental in stocking density to see the effect on survival and growth of this species.

Effect of stocking densities on survival and growth of fingerlings Datnioides microlepis were tested in recirculation system. The experimental was conduct over 8 weeks period in a recirculation system. The experiments were carried out at the Research and Development Institute for Ornamental Fish Culture (RDIOFC) at Depok, West Java, Indonesia. The fingerlings origin from the wild captured in Borneo island (Kapuas river). The experimental design were conducted to evaluate the effect of stocking density on survival and growth in recirculating system. The fingerlings have initial total length 4,56 cm and body weight 1,79 g. The experimental in stocking density were A: 5 ind/L; B: 10 ind/L and C: 15 ind/L. The data were analyzed through one way analysis of varian (ANOVA) using SPSS 15. Statistical methods were calculated and expressed as mean ± SD. The level for significance was set at 0,05%.

The Growth and survival of this study were showed in Table 1.

The initial length and weight stocked in all treatments were same. The fingerlings in treatment C (15 ind/L) showed the highest gain in both length and weight compared to treatments B (10 ind/L) and A (5 ind/L).  The mean final length and weight of fingerlings in different treatments were significantly different (P<0.05). However the final survival rate were not significantly different (P>0.05). These results indicate that stocking density in recirculation system were significantly effect on growth (Length and weight), with the best treatment was C (15 ind/L), eventhough were not sigificantly different on survival rate.

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