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Muhamad Yamin* dan Lili Solichah*
*Research Institute for Ornamental Fish, Jl. Perikanan, 32 Depok. West Java Indonesia

As an alternative seed propagation of aquatic fern, Microsorum pteropus 'Kadaka', a method of propagation via sori culture was developed as an option for efficient mass production.  Selected sori from healthy fronds were used as explant.  The study was conducted in outdoor and indoor to determine effect of light and environmental condition for germination of spores using several culture media that give up best proliferation and development of young sporophyte.  The study was carried out in Reseach Institute for Ornamental Fish (RIOF), Depok, West Java.

Results showed that young sporophyte can grew up under lowlight condition in outdoor and indoor and the highest germination accur at indoor condition with low intensity natural light (max. 2000 lux) using medium of mixture tree fern fiber+wood shavings (98%). Maximum percentage of sporophyte formation in in outdoor was 35% and in indoor was 98%.  In outdoor condition, medium of vulcano sand, sand, soil and mixture of wood shavings+fern fiber+composts show highest produced sporophyte (35%).  While, no sporophytes live in media of fern fiber or rice husk ash after 3 months culture.  In indoor condition, sphorophytes were not grewup in all studied treatments.   Medium of mixture fern fiber + wood shavings shows highest sporophyte formation (98%) compared to medium of mixture wood shavings + fern roots + compost (82%). In contrast, there are no sporophyte developed in medium of fern fiber during  culture period (Fig. 3). After 3 months culture, mean of sporophyte height were 2.25 cm in fern fiber + wood shavings medium and 2.59 cm in wood shavings + fern roots + compost medium.  whilst mean of frond numbers were 2.47 in fern fiber + wood shavings medium and 2.40 in wood shavings + fern roots + compost.  however there were no significant different between the treatment (P>0.05).  

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