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Jadmiko Darmawan dan Evi Tahapari*
Research Institute for Fish Breeding  
Jl. Raya 2 Sukamandi-Patokbeusi KM 99 Pantura, Subang, West Java  Indonesia 41256  Telp. 0260-520500 Fax. 0260-520662 ; e-mail :  


Hybridization is a fish breeding techniques in order to obtain high yielding varieties so as to increase the value of production of a commodity farmed fish. The aim of this study was to determine the character of growth performance, the coefficient of variation and heterosis value of the result of crossing three species of catfish as elders, the Siam Catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus), Jambal Catfish (Pangasius djambal) and Nasutus Catfish (Pangasius nasutus). As the treatment is Pasupati Catfish (♀Siam Catfish > <♂ Jambal Catfish) and Hybrid Nasutus (♀Siam Catfish > <♂ Nasutus Catfish). The study was conducted in indoor hatchery with long maintenance of seed for 30 days. Heterosis value was calculated based on the specific growth rate, final weight, total length, and survival. The results showed that the hybrid nasutus produce specific growth rate, final weight, total length and survival rate were better than the parent with heterosis values ​​ranged from 15.04 to 119.92. At Pasupati Catfish, the results obtained during the study showed that the final weight, total length and survival of Pasupati Catfish also better than the parent with heterosis values ​​ranged from 2.27 to 44.11, but for heterosis specific growth rate is negative in the amount -7.30.

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