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Nur Ansari Rangka and Burhanuddin
 Centre for Research and Development of Brackish Water Aquaculture
 Jl. Makmur dg Sitakka  No. 129, Maros 90512, South Sulawesi



Shrimp is one of the main commodities in the industrialization program and excellent export aquaculture products. Today many ponds special was originally a farm productive then become less productive and a pond idle, with a production that is not optimal, low and often not successful because the virus so it needs to be an effort to increase the productivity of ponds, among others, by the cultivation of shrimp using a plastic mulch where water treatment is done with a semi-closed system. This paper is a study of the results of technical studies on shrimp farming ponds vaname in area marginal.

This research was conducted at the pond the size of 2000 m2, a total of 4 plots, with two kinds of treatments and two replications, ie A = ponds are lined with plastic mulch on the dike and the pond bottom and B = coated plastic mulch on the part of the embankment. Each plot stocking density of 80 birds / m2. Growth and water quality sampling is done every 7 days. Feeding 3-4 times a day and 105 days old maintenance. The study lasted two stages in 2015 on experimental farms BPPBAP Maranak Maros. Best yields obtained at the stage turns into two, with the following results, the treatment A, the average weight of 13.59 g / head with the survival of 85.85% with a total production of 1,192 kg / plot or 5,960 kg / ha and plot B, the average weight of 12.36 g / head with the survival of 84.92% so that the production of 1,075 kg or 5375 kg / ha. From the research results with semi-closed recirculation system was able to cope with the bacteria vibrio and WSSV. Business analysis results showed production ponds are lined with plastic mulch greater revenue 13.5% and 37.54% of the farms are only coated on embankment portion only. Net profit venture shrimp farms in the semi-intensive pond vaname the use of plastic mulch reach Rp.27.741.000, -per 2000 m2 / 4 month or Rp. 416.115.000ha / year, R / C ratio: 1.55, BEP: Rp. 6,409,622, - and the payback period 12.64 months or 1 year (3 planting).

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