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Color Quality Improvement of Gold Fish (Carrasius auratus) USED Feed Ingredient and Supplement in Feed

Sukarman, I Wayan Subamia, Siti Murniasih, Rina Hirnawati, Siti Subandiyah and Nina Meilisza
Research and Development Institut for Ornamental Fish Culture
Jl. Perikanan No 13, Pancoran Mas -Depok ,
West Java-Indonesia

Goldfish (Carrasius auratus) is one of the popular ornamental fish as well as a lot of public interest because of its unique shape and color. However the color quality of Indonesian goldfish is very variety, because used different culture system and feed on each farm. The color quality of fish is influenced by various factors such as the type of fish, genetic, age, feed and pigments contained therein. Main factor in this case is carotenoid pigment in the skin fish that can supply from live feed and artificial feed.  So that additional pigment both type and doses in feed is necessary to improve color quality. The present study was conducted to determine effect of ingredient and some supplement to increase color quality of goldfish.

The first feeding trial (1st FT) used Indonesian krill meal (IKM)  in feed formulation with the doses 0, 5, 10, 15  and 20%  for gold fish reukin strains as long as 60 days. Total carotenoids in the skin, scales, flesh and fish tail were analyzed at the end of the study used a spectrophotometer at a wavelength of 380, 450, 475 and 500 nm. The color quality of fish observed every 10 days with a colorimeter (Minolta CR-400 Chroma) to obtain value of lightness, chrome and hue; after it was compared with a standard goldfish color red. The results showed that the used IKM in the feed can increase chrome value (P <0.05) of goldfish ranged between 26.95 to 27.64%. Total carotenoids in fish tissue increased by the addition of IKM in feed, but not significantly different (P> 0.05) between the use of IKM flour 5 to 20%.

The Second feeding trial (2nd FT) used Marigold Petal Meal (MPM) as feed supplement with the doses 0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0% in total feed for oranda strains goldfish. The results showed that the highest total carotenoid in the skin, scales, flesh and tail obtained from 2.0% MPM with the value of 112.61 mg / kg, 77.82 mg / kg, 27.77 mg / kg and 197.44 mg / kg. The best fish color quality obtained from 2% MPM  with a value of lightness, chrome and hue for about 67.81%, 63.84% and 76.13 degrees but the optimal doses MPM in the feed are 1.58%.

The third feeding trial (3rd FT) is compare feed without carotenoid source(diet 1), additional astaxanthin (diet 2), Haematococus pluvialis meal (HpM)  and marigold petal meal (MPM) in the fed for goldfish. Lightness (L), Chroma (C), Hue (H) and total carotenoid were analyzed. The results show that L was not significantly different among treatments. The best of chroma was 35.59% obtained from MPM, and hue was 71.79% obtained from astaxanthin (diet 2). The highest content of total carotenoid in the skin was derived from MPM (59.55 mg/kg), followed by diet 2 (24.79 mg/kg), HpM (6.84 mg/kg) and diet 1 (5.37 mg/kg).

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