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Deisi Heptarina*, Mulyasari, Mikdarullah
Institute for Freshwater Aquaculture Research and Development
Sempur 1St, Bogor, West Java , Indonesia 16154

Fish feed spend 60-70% of aquaculture production cost. Therefore, it has to be efficient in feed utilization, so that fish farming remains profitable to the farmers. Optimization of feed is a way to reduce production cost. However, this effort was limited by fish ability in digesting feed ingredients. Nowadays, the exogeneous digestive enzymes could be raised by application of probiotics. The objective of this experiment was determining the ability of probiotic (TS2B) that isolated from seaweed to increase the growth performance of tilapian juvenile (Oreochromis niloticus).

This study was held in Institute for Freshwater Aquaculture Research and Development on May to November 2015. Statistical designs for treatments are using Completely Randomize Design (CRD) with three treatments and replications. Those treatments were :

1.      Feed with probiotics TS2B

2.      Feed with commercially probiotics

3.      Feed without probiotics

Concentration of probiotics was 10g/kg of feed. Bacteria were cultivated first in 24 hours at 29oC degree of temperature, harvested and sentrifugated at 4000 rpm during 15 minutes. Solids of bacteria were collected and added with 2% of white egg in tap water. This compound was spuit sprayed to the feed.

Tilapian juvenile were sized 2 gram in average as much as 180 fish feed were spreaded into 9 aquariums which is has 100x50x50 cm3 in size with density of 20 fish per each tank. Fish was reared and feeding at satiation, three times a day, during 40 days. The parameter was Spesific Growth Rate (SGR), Feed Efficiency (FE) and Survival Rate (SR). Data was collected and analyzed by statistical software such SPSS 15.00.

The response to the SGR, FE and SR of tilapian juvenile which was treated with feed plus probiotic TS2B and commercial showed better result than feed with no probiotic (Table 1). This indicate that tested probiotics was potential to use as feed probiotic in order to increase the growth of tilapian juvenile.

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