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Narriman. S Jiddawi* and Maria C. Haws
Institute of Marine Science
University of Dar es Salaam
Mizingani Rd, Zanzibar Town
P.O. BOX 668

Marine pearl culture is an important aquaculture industry in the world. Currently, there is a growing interest in pearl culture production among Tanzanian coastal communities primarily due to the opportunity as an alternative income generation activity and also as a way of using the ocean in a sustainable manner. Attempts to culture pearls have been successful but in Zanzibar and other coastal areas of Tanzania, but improved spat collection methods are required for long-term sustainability.  Spat collection experiments were therefore initiated in two villages (Bweleo and Nyamanzi).  Community members were trained on how to use these various spat collection techniques and how to maintain them until the oysters are ready for seeding. Different types of spat collectors were used and results will be elaborated in the report.  The targeted species were P. margaritifera and Pteria spp.   

Based on the results of this study, it is possible to obtain a good number of pearl oyster spat and grow them. It is also possible to produce relatively good quality half-pearls within a short period of 9 months using P. margaritifera. The establishment of such an industry would provide much needed alternate income activity among Tanzanian coastal communities while serving to utilize coastal resources in sustainable way. The women participants were also involved in the experiments and also were provided more training on entrepreneurship skills.

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