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Dr Janine Pierce *
University of South Australia
PO Box 64  Hove
Australia 5048  
Renjith Rengaraju

Recent research was conducted by the authors  in Trivandrum  in India with fishermen and netmakers who operate in the ocean area from Puthenthoppu  and Perumathura  beaches (Figure 1), and with women fish sellers who operate in  Kaniyapuram fish market. Photos and associated comments from interviewees tell the story of  life  getting harder in fishing, with less catch from the ocean and long hard days for diminished fish yield  with competition from richer operators with faster speed boats. The women fish sellers' stories consistently told of more than 12 hour days standing from daylight to candle light at night and sometimes making a profit which today is less than in previous years, with some days showing low profit or no profit. Side issues associated with these long hours away from their families are children and teenagers with no parental supervision for most of the day, and a substantial part of the day's takings going on taxi fares home.  Women interviewed overall showed diminished spirit and a feeling of no chance of a better life. The authors outline a comparison of how small aquaculture ventures can offer better quality work and jobs with less time away from home and less intensive hours than fishing or fish selling. A comparison example is provided from Vietnam which has resulted in better lives for farmers and their families in adding aquaculture to their existing income streams of fishing and farming.  

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