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Alexandra K. Amorocho*, Elkin R. Montecino, Karen Veverica and D. Allen Davis,
School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences
Auburn University Auburn, AL 36849

In many countries, there is limited availability of solvent-extracted soybean meal whereas expeller pressed soybean meal is available. This research sought to compare a moderate fishmeal (6% of diet) and solvent-extracted soybean meal (44% of diet) based diet (Diet 1) to that of fishmeal free diets based on two forms of soybean meal. Diet 2 was developed with commercially available solvent extracted soybean meal (44% of diet) which was obtained locally. Diet 3 utilized extruder-expelled soymeal trade marketed as ExPress® soy meal (45% diet) was produced from whole soy using an Insta Pro press. The diets are described in table 1. Twenty sexed reversed tilapias (mean initial weight 60.2g) were stocked in each of 12 tanks. Fish were randomly assigned to one of three diets and were fed to satiation, twice a day for 16 weeks. Results are showed in table 2, mean weights were different among treatments and no differences are observed in biomass, feed conversion rate and survival.

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