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 *Sehar Munawar1, Noor Khan2, Farkhanda Manzoor1and Ghazala Jabeen1
 1Department of Zoology, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore 
 2Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, University of Veterinary and  Animal Sciences, Pattoki Campus



Keeping in view the increasing prices and greater use of expensive fish meal as major ingredient of finfish diets, the present study was planned to utilize another very important and commonly available animal origin protein source; the snail meal as an alternative to fish meal and its impact on growth and body composition of Catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) fry rearing under intensive fiber glass aquarium. The study was conducted to evaluate the growth performance and body composition of Catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) fry.

Catfish fry fed with fish meal and snail meal based diet in fiberglass aquariums for three months. Experimental fish (n=25) was stocked in fiberglass aquaria (Dimensions: L, 1ft 18 inch× W, 2 ft.). The fish was fed with experimental diets (fish meal and snail meal) containing crude protein (32.85 and 32.5, respectively) at 4% of fish wet body weight. After 3 months study period, the increase in weight gain due to the consumption of snail meal and fish meal was recorded as 5.57g and 5.89g respectively. The diet with fish meal has showed statistically significant higher growth than that of the snail meal. The feed conversion ratio (FCR) was statistically highly significant for fish fed on fish meal (1.99) than snail meal fed fish (2.09). Proximate analysis showed significant differences in fat content of fish fed with fish meal as compared to snail meal. No significant difference in moisture, protein, ash, fibre and phosphorus contents were found in fish meal as well as snail meal fed fish. In conclusion, the catfish fry showed best growth performance with fish meal due to its best nutrient composition and acceptability. The findings of present study suggest snail meal as a good alternative of expensive fish meal feed for catfish culture.      

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