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Aquaculture Biosecurity Special Session (June 30) and 2-Day Training Workshop (July 1-2)

Call for Biosecurity Presentations (June 30)

Individuals (especially African delegates) willing to give 20 minute oral presentations on any aspect involving the prevention, control or eradication of infectious diseases, are invited to submit an abstract by April 1, 2017.

Presentation involving disease surveillance, diagnostics, economic or other impacts, and certifying disease freedom are particularly encouraged.

Contributed presentations for this Special Session at the World Aquaculture Conference, will supplement invited speaker presentations that will outline a well-accepted approach for implementing biosecurity on any aquaculture operation using OIE standards. The Special Session also serves as an introduction to processes to be covered in the 2-day, hands-on Aquaculture Biosecurity Workshop on July 1-2.

For full consideration, abstracts for oral presentations must be submitted by April 1,2017 at:

Aquaculture Biosecurity Workshop Registration (July 1-2)

Registration will be limited to 100 attendees, to participate in table-top and on-farm training exercises for utilizing OIE Standards for preventing, controlling or eradicating infectious diseases in any aquaculture operation or country. The workshop will use a practical approach developed and tested in several countries, including Norway, Chile and elsewhere. All workshop exercises will involve small teams of participants to work through specific scenarios drawn from real aquaculture operations, with the assistance of an international team of leading IAVBC epidemiologists and veterinarians.

Producers, veterinarians, para-veterinary professionals, and governmental/regulatory officials and OIE or FAO Focal Points are encouraged to register. Lunch, workbooks and transportation is included in the registration $250 (USD) fee. Please note: registration for the Aquaculture Biosecurity Workshop is separate from registration for attending the World Aquaculture Conference and the Aquaculture Biosecurity Special Session.

To ensure a seat in the Workshop, register by April 1,2017 at:

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Currently the IAVBC or collaborating organizations are unable to unable to subsidize registration fees, travel or hotel costs for attending the World Aquaculture Conference or Aquaculture Biosecurity Workshop. However, should we receive additional sponsorship to cover direct costs, scholarships for attending the 2017 Workshop may become available.

The Aquaculture Biosecurity Special Session and Workshop is an initiative of the International Aquatic Veterinary Biosecurity Consortium and supported by the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association, the Aquaculture Association of Southern Africa, and the World Aquaculture Society.

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