“What Gets Measured Gets Managed” Aquaculture ESG Feed Ingredient Risk Tool

Danny Miller, Sophie Ryan, Kristina Furnes, Tor Eirik Homme

Sustainability of the Sub-Saharan African Aquaculture Value Chain: A Review

Nkhoswe James, Bader Sumeya, Nyauchi Elizabeth, Lemma Yordanos, Ong’ondo Geoffrey and Geremew Akewake

Apple Snails: Discussions of Past Problems and Future Solutions for an Emerging Pest in United States Agriculture/Aquaculture

Bradley M. Richardson, Robert H. Cowie, Blake E. Wilson, Kenneth A. Hayes, James E. Byers, Jiangxiao Qiu, T. Graham Rosser, Charles C. Mischke, Romi L. Burks, Julian M. Lucero, Amy L. Roda

Azolla in AquaFeeds for Profitability and Sustainability of Aquaculture

Vivekanand Bharti, Kamal Sarma, Tarkeshwar Kumar, S. K. Ahirwal and Jaspreet Singh

Fate of Melamine in Aquatic Environments

Swaraj Adakney, Vidya Shree Bharti, Shamika Shantaram Sawant and Aditi Banasure

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