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Roy Palmer*
Executive Director
Association of International Seafood Professionals

The Aquaculture industry has come a long way in a very short space of time and it is an essential element when discussing feeding the world and eliminating hunger and poverty. But alas it is a very misunderstood industry with products and services which rightly or wrongly has created poor public understanding and acceptance.

Food safety, environmental stewardship, feed and feed ratios, species substitution, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, genetic manipulation, etc have all played a part in the enemies of aquaculture armoury enabling ignorant and incorrect information to be put into circulation. Once the misinformation is promoted it leads to uncertainty and to confusion for the public.          

Certification was seen as a key but there are limitations in this regard and unfortunately there is a lack of public understanding on this issue simply because there are so many labels and confusing differences.

What can be done?

This presentation will highlight the outcomes from the Monaco Blue Initiative 6th Edition, FAO/Xunta de Galicia/FUNDAME Advanced Lessons in Fisheries and Aquaculture Economics. 3rd edition and FAO/GSI/IDH Vigo Meeting on Public Understanding and Acceptance of Aquaculture and other relevant meetings.

Keywords: Global, aquaculture, food security, sustainable, environmental, feed, feed ratios, species substitution  



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