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Chuck Roe*, Melanie Rhodes, D. Allen Davis, To Pham Thi Ha Van, Terry Hanson and Guillaume Salze
School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences
Auburn University Auburn, AL 36849

The economically sound and sustainable aquaculture of many marine species in the coming years is dependent on the reduction of fish meal and the increased inclusion of plant protein sources. Florida Pompano perform well on soy-based diets. However, these diets may be improved through the use of certain enzymes to improve digestibility coefficients. Research in other marine fish has shown the potential for phytase supplementation to improve the digestibility of phosphorus, protein, and possibly other minerals. Past research at Auburn University has shown that supplementation of phytase in soy-based Florida Pompano feeds significantly improves the digestibility of phosphorus as well as increase the digestibility of protein. Two growth trials were conducted in recirculating systems at the Claude Peteet Mariculture Center, Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA, which both consisted of 12 tanks stocked with twenty pompano juveniles in each. Fish were fed four times daily one of the four, randomly assigned diets. Diets consisted of both low levels (200, 400, 600; Trial 1) and high levels (1000, 2000, 4000; Trial 2) of supplemental phytase units to further elucidate the response to this enzyme. All diets were formulated without inorganic phosphorous. Current growth performance results after 8 weeks for the low levels and 6 weeks of the high level is presented in the table below (Table 1). The low level growth trial is complete. The high level trial will continue for another two to four weeks.

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