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Diane Windham,* Aquaculture Coordinator-California
NOAA Fisheries
650 Capitol Mall, Suite 5-100
Sacramento, CA 95814 , 916-930-3619

Sustainable shellfish aquaculture has the potential to expand in California's coastal and open ocean environments, as part of a healthy marine ecosystem. National policies from the Administration, the US Dept. of Commerce, and NOAA support and encourage such expansion and related research. NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region and multiple federal, state and local regulatory agencies, and multiple stakeholders have been developing a vision for shellfish aquaculture in California through collaboration with industry and restoration interests in a statewide shellfish initiative. Successful models for state shellfish initiatives exist in several other states; these serve as templates for building an initiative in California. Statewide shellfish initiatives reflect regionally specific considerations as well as localized collaborations, funding and research.

Expanding commercial and restoration shellfish aquaculture provides economic value to coastal communities through job creation, tourism, and market and restaurant shellfish supply with a locally produced, safe/healthy shellfish product. Barriers and challenges to expanding both commercial and restoration shellfish growing hinge largely on the complex regulatory permitting process, which requires interagency coordination to facilitate permitting efficiencies. The California Shellfish Initiative (CSI) seeks to foster and facilitate such coordination and to ensure all state and federal statutory requirements are met to maintain healthy marine and estuarine ecosystems. An interagency working group was formed a little over a year ago ago, through a series of facilitated meetings, reaching consensus on some initial actions to address permitting efficiencies for California shellfish activities. "Action Teams" are being formed in various regions of CA to test this approach and measure effectiveness. Principles of Agreement and a permitting guide/flow chart are in development. Data gaps will be identified, unresolved permit issues and progress will be reported periodically to the Interagency Working Group for advisement, and also to explore other permitting options such as programmatic permits and Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Applications.

The CSI seeks to create a forum to welcome and explore innovations, support developing research to inform management decisions with best available science, and collectively implement the vision for expanded commercial shellfish and restoration activities.

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