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David García-Mondragón *, Iván Gallego-Alarcón, Laura White-Olascoaga and Daury García-Pulido.
Centro Interamericano en Recursos del Agua
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
Toluca, Estado de México.

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) production has developed rapidly particularly in the central highlands of Mexico. The objective was to characterize rainbow trout production systems based through factor and cluster analysis. Data were collected for 21 variables from 71 trout production units (TPU) through semi-structured interviews.  Four groups were obtained. Group 1 "Rural Entrepreneurs" and Group 3 "Organized Family TPU" are business oriented operations, developed with government support schemes that have incorporated internal procedures that enable higher production and sales either to wholesalers or final consumers as fresh trout. These groups have potential to scale up their operations. Group 2 "Small-scale Family TPU" and Group 4 "Small Artisan TPU" are less organized, based in family labor, have lower yields, and sell at farm gate or in small restaurants. These groups represent the role of aquaculture for social development in rural areas. All groups have been favored by public policies and government support schemes, and by the rapid growth of markets and high demand for trout. These results indicate that development strategies and applied research must be directed differentially to each group of rainbow trout producers in the highlands of central Mexico.

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