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Tessa Getchis*1, Julie Rose2, Nancy Balcom1, Anoushka Concepcion1,
Sylvain De Guise1,
1Connecticut Sea Grant, University of Connecticut, Groton, CT 06340
2NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service Milford Laboratory, Milford, CT 06460  

Shellfish interest groups including local, state and federal organizations, industry and community members are engaged in a multi-year initiative, to grow the State's shellfish sectors. The primary product of the Connecticut Shellfish Initiative or CSI is a vision plan that will identify specific goals, objectives and recommendations aimed to expand aquaculture production, improve access to recreational harvest opportunities and protect and enhance natural resources.

During 2013, 2014 and 2015 public and sector-based meetings were held to solicit input on opportunities and constraints to sector growth. A steering committee was established and charged with using the information gathered to develop policy and research recommendations, as well as public outreach and education objectives for inclusion in the CSI vision plan.

While several key policy actions continue to be proposed and discussed within the legislature, the steering committee has focused on more easily achievable and consensus-building efforts such as the creation of a new public outreach and education program aimed to measurably increase public visibility of Connecticut shellfish sectors.

Moving forward, the CSI vision plan and Aquaculture Advisory Council recommendations will provide appointed and elected officials with specific strategies to grow Connecticut shellfish sectors. State and federal funding will provide much needed resources to develop and deliver targeted public outreach programs, conduct applied research and establish new policies to promote growth.  

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