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FeedKind Protein: A Sustainable Approach to Meeting the Growing Protein Demand

Josh Silverman, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer, Calysta Inc.

The rapidly growing demand for livestock, tied to rising populations and standards of living, has placed increasingly unsustainable pressure on current sources of high protein feeds.  FeedKind protein provides a sustainable source of protein that is comparable in many respects to high-quality fishmeal, a critical ingredient for aquaculture.  FeedKind protein is sustainably produced via non-GMO fermentation of methane, which has minimal impacts on water and land use and does not compete with any aspect of the human food chain.  

FeedKind protein represents a high-quality, sustainable protein source which is well tolerated across multiple livestock species.  For aquaculture in particular, FeedKind Aqua protein has been demonstrated to perform significantly better than fishmeal in promoting growth and health in Atlantic salmon.  The composition of FeedKind Aqua protein is comparable to fishmeal, and superior to many novel protein sources under development.  The FeedKind production process has been validated at commercial scale in conjunction with European Union product approval, and product is expected to be available in the marketplace in late 2017.  

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