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Jamie M. Miller* and William C. Walton
 Mississippi Department of Marine Resources
 1141 Bayview Avenue
 Biloxi, MS  39539  

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant issued Executive Order 1350 creating the Oyster Restoration and Resiliency Council on Feb. 2, 2015. The Council was made up of citizens, scientists and seafood industry leaders who represented a variety of interests and disciplines. The Council had three committees: Oysters in the Economy, Oysters in the Environment and Aquaculture and Emerging Technologies. Through the work of these committees, the Council developed an Oyster Resource Resiliency Plan, recommended regulatory or statutory revisions, proposed management strategies and recommended one or more projects or programs to be developed along with the plan. The Council's final report was issued in June 2015, and calls for improvement of the quantity and quality of water, enhancement of public reefs, encouragement of private leasing, promotion of private aquaculture, and development of financing and marketing opportunities. An update on implementation of the Council plan will be provided.

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