World Aquaculture Society Meetings

Development of innovative feed technologies and Strategies for small-holder aquaculture operations in Africa and Asia

Kat Goetting*, Morgan Chow, and Hillary Egna
 AquaFish Innovation Lab
 Oregon State University
 Corvallis, OR 97331

In many aquaculture operations, feed can account for up to 80% of total production costs, creating a challenge to profitability for small-scale fish farmers. Although quality feeds are critical to optimal fish growth and production, they are not readily available in some regions and the high cost of these feeds presents a deterrent to economic success for rural fish farming households.

AquaFish Innovation Lab research in Africa and Asia is addressing this problem in a variety of ways, including: incorporating locally sourced ingredients in fish feeds; promoting adoption of alternative feeding strategies that enhance production and income while reducing environmental impacts; and investigating fish gut physiology to enhance nutrient uptake. AquaFish scientists are improving feed efficiency and availability of high-quality feeds at lower costs to help increase profitability of fish farms and improve societal access to nutritious foods, while strengthening the sustainability of small-scale aquaculture throughout the world.

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