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Siuming Francis Chan*, Li, Lili Shi, Xiao-Yun and Shi Ping Yang
Center for the Genetic Breeding of Penaeid shrimp,
Guangdong Ocean University, Guangdong,
PR China

The recent use of RNA-Seq technique in the study of transcriptome of non-model animals has advanced our understanding in many research areas.  As a newly developed aquaculture species, there is great interest in the monosex culture of Ferrenopenaeus merguiensis in China.  However, information on the control of male sex differentiation of this species is not available.  In this study, we have used RNA-seq transcriptome analysis to identify candidate genes that may confer sexual development and sex determination of this shrimp. Global gene expression from spermatophore was measured using Illumina reads from intact and unilateral eyestalk-ablated males. Several sex-related genes including the Insulin-like androgenic gland hormone (IAG), female-1, female-lethal, and hatching enzyme have been identified. At least 5 different eyestalk CHH/MIH/GIH related neuropeptide transcripts have been found in the male reproductive tissues.  Their expression in intact and unilateral eyestalk- ablated male is highly correlated with the process of male reproductive maturation. The result has reinforced the notion that the  X-organ sinus gland- androgenic gland-axis is involved in the control of male sexual development and differentiation.  Contigs showing constitutive expression differences between the two groups have been selected for further validation analysis.  In summary, this study provides a useful and comprehensive comparison in gene expression between the eyestalk-ablated and intact male shrimp.

Supported by NSFC grant from the PR China

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