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Yang Han1,2
1. Fishery Development Strategy and Researcher Center, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences; Beijing, 100141
2. Visiting Scholar, Food and Resources Economics Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, 32608

Abstract-Driven by rapidly rising demand for fishery products, China's fishery has expanded dramatically over the past 30 years. China is now by far the biggest producer and trader of fishery products in the world. Aquatic products is the important parts of fishery products in total fishery products, so, China's aquatic products producer's quality and safety behavior play crucial roles in supply of fishery products in the world. How about their attitudes to quality and safety, how about their behaviors affect aquatic-products quality and safety? This paper uses Logit regression model to analyze 156 Chinese aquatic producers' concerns and their behavior impact regarding aquatic-products quality and safety. The preliminary analysis shows that: (1) China's producer concern quality and safety, awareness of quality and safety is very high; (2) Producer will pay for quality and safety if the price of aquatic products is higher than others; (3) Price and costs are significant factors affect aquatic food producers to invest in quality and safety, otherwise, government's requirements for quality and safety, brand, consumers' demand, also export etc. are also affect producers behavior, (4) Willingness to pay for aquatic-food quality and safety are differentiate from fish, shrimp, crabs, shellfish and algae.

Keywords: Aquatic-Products, Fishery, Quality and Safety, Producer, Behavior.

[The survey was supported by China Scholarship Council (No. 201303260021) and Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (No. 2014C001), National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.71103197)]

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