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Dr. T. Ramanathan
AS.PROFESSOR (Senior Grade)
Marine Plant research laboratory
Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology
Faculty of Marine Sciences,
Annamalai University
Parangipettai - 608 502
Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.
 Mobile: +91 - 9894175200 <tel:%2B91%20-%209894175200>


Bioprospecting is the medicinal and economic related products derived from
bioresources. The useful products may be chemical compounds, genes, organisms and other valuable products that are used in medical, industrial, agricultural and food
division. The bioprospecting helps to conserve and sustainably utilize the
bio resources. Mangrove wetland ecosystem has rich bioprospecting potential owing to presence of the valuable genes to tolerate salinity and flood, the novel chemicals to overcome adverse coastal conditions, and the biodiversity richness. A. Mangrove extracts are used in indigenous medicine
B. Scientific validation of these uses will help to develop drugs to cure human
diseases. In this regard, my research team has done a pioneering work on mangrove bio prospecting. Further studies on this aspect will prove greater values of the mangroves in clinical medicines and for other useful products. This will also lead to development of patents, which can be a source of revenue and employment opportunities. Thus, there is a greater potential for raising mangroves as "cash crops" in the years to come

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