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ectoparasites  of Hypostomus oculeus, (Pisces: Loricaridae)  from Amazon region of Ecuador  

Rodríguez Haro Cecilia*, Gamboa María Inés, López Jesús,  Montes Martín, Marcotegui Paula and Martorelli Sergio R,
*PhD student, SENESCYT, Ecuador and Universidad Nacional de la Plata UNLP (CCT-CONICET-CEPAVE), Calle 120 s/n e/ 61 y 62, 1900. Argentina.

Hypostomus oculeus, locally referred as "Shio" is a tropical fish belonging to the  Suckermouth catfish that is an important food source for the local populations from rural and peri-urban areas of the Pastaza Province in the Amazon region of Ecuador.  The fishes are sold and typical meals are made and offer in local restaurants of Puyo city. This fish species is also used in the aquarium trade and their parasitological fauna remain still poorly unknown. The main goal of this presentation is to describe the ectoparasites found on gills, skin and nasal cavities of H. oculeus.  The fishes studied come from the artisanal fishermen in Puyo and Bobonaza rivers. Fishes were collected during two years along the rain and short rainy seasons, fixed in 10% formalin and then transferred to 70% alcohol until their study for parasites. At moment, six monogeneans were identified, three species from gills (Unilatus sp1, Unilatus sp.2, and Trynigyrus sp), one species from nasal cavities (Thelethecium sp.), and two species from skin surface (Phanerothecium sp, Phanerothecioides sp). Finally one leech  (Hirudinea: Glossiphonidae) was also found around the mouth attached to the teeth.

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