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HighProtein Aquaculture Feed from CO2

Lisa Dyson
3946 Trust Way, Hayward, CA 94545 1 (510) 3944443

Kiverdi's technologies and approaches target the rapid development of scalable bioprocess modules to capture CO2 from industrial greenhouse gas (GHG) waste, and transform that carbon into single cell protein (SCP) to be used as a highprotein substitute for fishmeal in aquaculture. Currently, the fishmeal component of aquaculture feed is derived from wildcaught fish. Therefore, this Kiverdi solution for GHG reduction has the added benefit of displacing the widespread, unsustainable practice of harvesting wild fish to feed other captive fish. Unlike most biological CO2 capture and conversion technologies that use algae or other photosynthetic organisms, Kiverdi's technology applies a little known class of microorganisms called chemoautotrophs.  In applying this special type of microbe, many of the shortcomings that have hindered widespread practical application of algae to CO2 capture and conversion are avoided.  These numerous advantages both for the capture of CO2 and the production of highprotein aquaculture feed will be presented and discussed.  We will present technical ​ results, including productivity, titer, yield, and amino acid profile for a highprotein chemoautotrophic strain grown on CO2 as sole carbon source.

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