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Didik S1, Suzana MR2, and Ezra YT3
Center of Inspection fish disease and the aquaculture environment

The availability of fish medicine is that have a quality  and efficacy as well as safe for fish, consumers and the environment is needed. In the development of aquaculture, fish medicine is one of the critical points in the determinants of competitiveness in the international market, especially related to quality and food safety as well as the sustainability of aquaculture. In efforts to guarantee the availability of fish medicine in accordance with quality requirements for businesses aquaculture, necessary to control the quality of the fish medicine. Control of fish medicine also helps providers / fish medicine companies in the evaluation of the quality assurance system for the supply and distribution chain to farmers.

Implementation quality control of fish medicine done by LP2IL  is of quality testing of fish medicine in of registration and monitoring of quality consistency of  fish medicine. Testing was conducted on the general testing and special testing. General testing parameters include physical parameters (pemerian, acidity (pH), homogeneity, presence of foreign particles and packaging test), sterility testing, testing of microbial contamination (Salmonella, Coliform and Vibrio), and testing of contamination heavy metals (Pb, Cd and Hg). Special testing parameters include qualitative testing ( Identification / composition) and quantitative testing (measure).

Based on the results of the quality tests conducted by LP2IL against of fish medicine in of registration of 77 fish medicines tested ( 2014-2015 ), as many as 33 fish medicine( 42.86% ad-September 2015 ) meet quality requirements. While the consistency of quality monitoring results for 2015 of 28 ( total of fish medicine) monitored as many as 16  fish medicine ( 57.14% of the amount of fish medicine to be monitored ) quality in accordance with the claims on the label. Need to be developed on an on going basis to the fish medicine companies that the products do not meet the quality requirements as well as companies that are not able to maintain product quality. This is done so that the economic impacts caused not wide spread.

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