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Didik S1, Ezra YT2 , and Suzana MR3
Center of fish disease Inspection and the aquaculture environment

As a form of application tasks and functions LP2IL in terms of control fish medicine, then conducted quality monitoring in the field of fish medicine that aims to assure / ensure that drug quality assured up to the level of farmers, so that the intended use of the fish medicine can be achieved. Monitoring activities are commonly called the   " Monitoring Quality Test of Fish Medicine On One Time " using methods Observation, Interview with undertaking and related personnel (store / depot / farmers), drug sampling and quality testing in the laboratory.

From the results of the monitoring and laboratory testing concluded that the requirements of fish medicine quality monitoring results in general have not been met (not yet registered (70-75%), the composition is not definite (40-70%), active ingredients outside regulated Kepmen Nomor 24/KEPMEN-KP/2014 (about 20%)), the misuse / fraud in the use of fish medicine registration number as well as the difference between the composition stated on the label, the fish medications that contain combinations of active ingredients that are not synergistic either the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamic and physicochemical as well as the work on the field, fish medication management at the store / depot / farmers  not well ordered (storage and administration).

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