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Taufik Shidik Adi Nugroho 2), Lilik Masrifa3), Astuti 3)
1) Paper presented at the Asian Pacific Aquaculture, 26-29 April 2016, Grand City, Surabaya
2) Engineer at Jambi Freshwater Aquaculture Center (JFAC)
3) Assistant Engineer at Jambi Freshwater Aquaculture Center (JFAC)
Jl. Lingkar Selatan RT 24, Kel. Paal Merah, Kec. Jambi Selatan - Kota Jambi


The requirement of live feed for fish larvae can not be avoided in freshwater aquaculture. Dependency of live feed on natural catching and abroad imported causes impact on the high cost of production. It needs to be surmounted with the using of live feed which can be cultivated and produced on mass scale independently by the farmers. Moina sp is the solution of this problems in order to optimalize aquaculture freshwater efficiency.

The fertilizer of Moina sp cultivation consisting of fish meal, soybean meal, bran, dolomite and Chlorella sp inoculant, while for Chlorella sp media cultivation are fi sh meal, soybean meal, bran, urea, TSP, dolomite and Chlorella sp inoculant. The advantages technology of Moina sp cultivation by using media Chlorella sp are the cultivation techniques can increase crop yield / production Moina sp and the sustainability of cultivation can be done throughout the year due to the fertilizer formula that can keep the availability of Chlorella sp, this formula also can maintain the purity of Chlorella sp and prevent from various types of plankton / other aquatic organism contamination. Furthermore, the product can be used as fresh and frozen Moina sp for several fish larvae feeding such as catfish, carp, gourame, etc. This technology is very applicable because of the materials, containers and necessary equipment readily available around the farmers.

Moina sp harvest ranges from 800 to 3500 gr with yields often obtained 2,000 gr/cycle. The using of Moina sp which produced independently enable to make fisheries aquaculture activities more efficient because of reducing operational cost and increasing the benefit. Thus, strongly recommended to perform Moina sp cultivation to support and applied in freshwater aquaculture activities. Hopefully, It can reduce cost production and get the effective and efficient freshwater aquaculture methods.      

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