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Ornamental Fish Production Nemo Hybrid Variant Picasso (Amphiprion percula picasso) with Solid Scatter Different in Keramba cage

Narulitta Ely, Sunarto and Syaripuddin
Hall Mariculture Ambon

Nemo fish in the wild is an omnivore fish (eating animals and plants), food in the form of small invertebrates that fit his mouth openings like crustacean, microscopic worms, larvae of fish, algae are also known to meet 20-25% nutritional requirements. Unlike the Nemo cultivated ornamental fish feed is where most artificial feed (pellets).

Aquaculture has been attempted through breeding success in order to produce high quality seed. But it was not enough, given that enjoyed from the ornamental fish are shades of color and beauty of her form. Effect of feeding plays an important role in the formation of the color of ornamental fish. In order to provide the range of motion and feed competition in order to obtain optimal growth Noteworthy stocking density in cages cage. Stocking density is closely related to the production and growth of fish. Thus the engineering activity is attempted using different stocking density on the maintenance of ornamental fish Nemo Picasso in floating net cages (KJA).

The purpose of this activity is to determine the effect of different stocking density on the growth and survival rate (SR) ornamental fish Nemo Picasso (Amphiprion percula picasso) in cage. This activity was conducted in April-July 2015 in Karamba cage Ambon Bay.

Maintenance seeds in a container maintenance KJA using the form waring a box shape with a size of 1 x 1 x 1 m. Treatment stocking densities of 100 fish / waring, 150 head / waring, and 200 tails / waring each of two replications. Seed maintained for two months and during the maintenance period were fed pelleted seed with fekuensi feeding twice a day. Measurement of sample and data collection parameters of water quality media maintenance done every two weeks.

The length of the ornamental fish Nemo Picasso highest in stocking density of 200 is equal to 1.88 cm stocking density of 150 tail followed by 1.5 cm and the lowest at 100 fish stocking density is equal to 1:03 cm. Survival value in the three treatments showed that the highest survival rate in the treatment of 150 animals stocking density of 90% followed by treatment of 100 fish stocking density of 70% and treatment stocking density of 200 by 55%. Of several water quality parameters during the maintenance period shows that the range of water quality in the media maintenance of ornamental fish Nemo Picasso still under suitable conditions for the maintenance of ornamental fish Nemo Picasso where temperatures ranged between 26.2 - 29.6 ° C, salinity 30.5 - 33.5 ppt, pH 8.1 - 8.3 and DO between 4:34 - 5.91 mg / l.


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