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Heru Salamet, Hariyano and Hamsah Amiruddin
Hall Mariculture Ambon

Marine ornamental fish have a high economic value and is in great demand by the public as a display in the aquarium because of the beauty of the body color is bright orannye with a combination of 3 ornate white lines on the head, body and base of the tail; agile movement, have a posture munggil and not malignant. The magnitude of market demand for ornamental fish and the limited availability of land that need to be cultivated using a polyculture system. These conditions allow the use of cages to breed clownfish with other organisms in the cage by means of polyculture.

This activity uses two treatments, among others, the first treatment that polyculture fish clownfish with sea cucumbers and the second treatment is control activity. Clownfish fish seed used measuring 2-3 cm totaled 100 individuals perwaring with sea cucumbers 5 tails with a size of 7-8 cm.

Survival or the survival rate of fish clownfish that diplokultur with sea cucumber is 98% and for the control treatment the survival rate is 90%. the growth rate of long ornamental fish clownfish that dipolikultur with sea cucumbers ranged from 0800 to 1.950% with an average of 1,172% greater than the growth rate of the control length ranging from 0500-1900% with an average of 1,045%

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