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Hamida Pattah, Rusli Raiba and Rochman Subiyanto
Hall Mariculture Ambon, Email:

Prospects shrimp farming vaname (Lithopenaeus vannamei) in Indonesia is very large considering as shrimp vaname not only be cultivated in ponds but also dapatdibudidayakan in floating net cages. Vaname development of shrimp farming in floating net cages started Ambon Mariculture Institute since 2013. Although shrimp farming technology vaname in cage by the Center for Mariculture Ambon been relatively successful but in its development still provide the level of production is still relatively low when compared to businesses vaname shrimp farming in tambak.Sampai current management methods or the maintenance of shrimp feed on vaname in cage by the Center for Mariculture Ambon still relied on maintaining the general shrimp in ponds and references obtained, wherein the type of feed used for still using trash fish feed blender.

Application engineering activities Enrichment At Shrimp Feed vanname (Lithopenaeus vannamei) in Keramba cage carried out to see what kind of enrichment that is right and appropriate to the feed given to see the growth, survival and FCR of shrimp vaname in Keramba cage. The treatment performed is a treatment using chicken eggs enrichmen, B treatment using chicken eggs and vitamin C, C treatment using chicken eggs, vitamin C and scootemulsion. Activity results showed no difference in the absolute growth, the survival and FCR udangvaname, for the treatment of C gives the growth and survival of tertinggiyaitu 13:42 Gr and 90% dibandingkandenganperlakuan A 7:33 (Gr and 75%) and B (Gr 5.72 and 65%). While FCR tertinggiadalahperlakuanAyaitu 7:33 dibandingkanperlakuan B 5.72 danperlakuan C 4:49.

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