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Abdul Gani, I.G Pattipeilohy and Herlina

Clownfish have a sale value very varied ranging from Rp 5,000 / tail to millions of rupiah. The price difference is determined by the pattern and color contohnyaa dalah Amphiprion percula commonly found in nature hanyadihargai Rp 5,000 to Rp 40,000 not including postage. But the presence of genetic improvement, this bias fish appreciated doubled. One example is the genetic improvement is Picasso and platinum that can be appreciated hundreds of thousands when handling techniques, costs and time spent not much different. Picasso and platinum production can be done by selecting the main candidates who have more white shades and patterns like this are very hard to find in nature but variants are already sold in the market which is the result of genetic improvement. To produce Picasso and platinum with a higher percentage level as well as more unique style that can be done by selecting the best candidate and paired parent in one container. Maintenance of aircraft used container is sized 40x40x40 cm aquarium with water circulation system. While the containers used for larval rearing are fiber tub / 2 ton concrete volume with water exchange system. The marriage between Picasso Picasso Picasso may yield as much as 5-20% and platinum as much as 10-25% depending on the quality of the parent and the feed given.


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