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SEED Production Technology of Silver Pompano (Trachinotus blochii Lacepede) AS NEW MARICULTURE COMMODITIES IN INDONESIA  

Tinggal Hermawan*, Nur Muflich Juniyanto, Muh. Kadari and Joni Agus Rusdian
Batam Mariculture Development Centre
Jalan Raya Barelang, Pulau Setoko, Jembatan III
PO BOX 60 Sekupang, Batam 29422
E-mail :  

Silver Pompano is one of the new marine aquaculture commodity and become next commodity industrialization of marine aquaculture in Indonesia. The privilege of Silver Pompano culture are hatchery technology has been seattled, shortern period of seeds, rapidly growth, technology of ponds and netcage culture has been controlled well, could be tolerant of change salinity from 19-34 ppt, could live in high density in cages, Feed efficiency and adaptive to different types of feed. In Indonesia, Silver Pompano culture was developed by Marine Culture Development Center Batam since 1999 and hatchery technology successfully in 2007. Nowadays, Silver Pompano Culture has grown in some provinces such as Riau Islands, Jakarta, North Sumatra, Riau, Bangka Belitung, Lampung, Central Java, East Java, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, South Sulawesi, and Maluku. The purpose of this activity is to generate mass production hatchery technology of Silver Pompano for Qualified Seeds. Fish Hatchery begins with spawning performed with hormonal stimulation. The ratio of Spawning between female and male is 1 : 1 /kg weight of fish, and eggs will be incubate and hatch for ± 16-18 hours. FR of eggs is 70-90% and 70-90% of HR. Then, Larva are moved to the tanks within green water and feeds such as rotifers, artemia and pellets. After ± 22-25 days, the larvae will be harvested and transferred to the nursery tanks. SR generated during larval rearing ranged between 20-40%. Juvenile Barramundi (2 cm total length), fish are transferred to the nursery tank after being harvested, and the and density are 2-3 fish / liter with Water flow system. This system is used because Silver Pompano is fast movement. Feeding of nursery phase entirely pellet. Grading is doing every weeks. The nursery time until 5-6 cm length is 1 month. After that fish will be harvest and ready to move to. Once the fish is harvested and ready to moved to the cage.

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