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Abidin Nur*, Baharuddin, and Zulkarnaen
Brackishwater Aquaculture Development Center (BADC) of Ujung Batee,
Aceh, Indonesia

Production of freshwater prawn in Aceh were rely on wild catched. Exploitation continuosly will further limit these species production. In the past 10 years, Seruway, Aceh Tamiang was a source of wild catched of these species. However, nowadays prawn catched reduces significantly. Promoting aquaculture has important role on these species sustainability and reliable source of income for aquaculture sector.

BADC of Ujung Batee was pioneering and take responsibility to conduct aquaculture promotion through establishment of seed production to grow out system protocol. Mass production of seed were initial task during the production cycles. Therefore, efforts has been done either in broodstock culture technique and water quality management during seed production. Broodstock used originally come from selected breeding "SIRATU" at Sukabumi, West Java. Simplicity on nursery system were carried out in order to increased juvenile production. Further, culture prawn alone or together with fish in rice field (UGADI) and polyculture with other fish species (ex. Tilapia) were selected as grow out method. From the trials, indicated that recirculating aquaculture system of broodstock performed well to produce gravid female. Broodstock responsed well either on plant and animal based feed.  Larviculture required stable water quality primarily on temperature and adequate dissolved oxygen level. Prawn grow-out trials showed promising result and achive marketable size (30-100 g) after 3-5 months. Farm gate price range of IDR 50,000 - 160,000 depend on size. Since the prawn responses well at various feed source both plant and animal origin, therefore, feed cost can be reduced and make aquaculture business of this species more profitable.

From the mentioned above, there is need to conduct and promote fresh water prawn aquaculture in Aceh. Moreover, market potential widely open due to Aceh has been selected as tourism destiny and prawn provides luxury food and additional income source as well.

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