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Endang Susianingsih*, Muharijadi Atmomarsono and Koko Kurniawan
Research Institute for Coastal Aquaculture
Jl. Makmur Dg. Sitakka No. 129. Maros 90511, Sul-Sel

Alternative  method for the shrimp disease prevention is currently done through the best management of aquaculture practices that are more environmentally friendly such as the use  of water reservoirs as well as the use of probiotics. This research  was aimed at knowing the effect of different method of application of probiotic RICA 3, 4 and 5 of vanname shrimp culture in traditional plus technology aerated with supercharge blower. RICA probiotics are probiotics produced by research institute for coastal aquaculture.

This experiment was carried out in completely randomized design using nine 250-m2 experimental ponds stocked with 15 shrim fries/m2. There are 3 treatments here namely: A =  rotation of probiotic RICA 3,4, 5; B = a combination of probiotics RICA 3,4, 5 and C = control (without probiotics) each with three replications. Preparation and management of aquaculture farms follow of the best aquaculture practices. Variables observed in this study were survival rate and production of the shrimp at the end of experiment, Total bacteria vibrio (TBV) and total plate count (TPC) of common bacteria from sediments and pond waters, water quality (NO2-N, NO3-N, TAN and TOM) were analyzed every two weeks. The immune response of shrimp in the form propenol oxidation and total haemocyte were analyzed from haemolymp shrimp before and after apllication of probiotics. The results showed that there were significant effect (P <0.05) for survival rate but not for the production  (P> 0.05) of the shrimp. TBV in the pond water were 101 - 103 CFU/mL and in the pond sediment were 102 - 105 CFU/g in range. TPC in the pond water were 103 - 105 CFU/mL and the pond sediment were 104-106 CFU/g in range. Fluctuations for some water quality parameters are still in good condition for vanname shrimp culture. Concluded that application of probiotic bacteria RICA 3, 4 and 5 are applied either applied in rotation or in combination increased survival rate but not on production of the vanname shrimp.

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