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The Prospect of Marine Ornamental Fish Aquaculture with Integrated System in Floating Sea Cages

Arsyad Sujangka*) and Muchammad Burul Huda
 Lombok Marine Aquaculture Development Center
 Lombok Barat District, Nusa Tenggara Barat Province, Indonesia

Marine ornamental fish aquaculture has been developed in some areas of Indonesia; it could give more profit as well as aquaculture continuality, investment, and biodiversity. This investment give a lot of profits than catching effort and also if we compare  with an other commodities of aquaculture (non ornamental fish) such as the grouper, silver pompano, etc.  As an illustration this activity has benefits such as 1) The huge quantity and continuality of ornamental marine fish export demand compared with another commodities of aquaculture  (non ornamental fish) market. 2) For Ornamental fish aquaculture,  the feed was not the limited factor and it's not the part of 60 - 70% from total cost production. The main reasons in market demand are kinds, color, and the body length usually 4-10 cm. Therefore, the food is only 0-30% of total cost production; depend on the species that was cultivated. It was like anemone which does not need commercial feed to grow.

In addition several of marine ornamental fish could be cultivated as one and integrated in one activity. By combining some special characteristics from each species will increase the profit. In this activity some kinds of marine ornamental fish will involve like clownfish (Amphiprion sp.), Anemone, Letter Six / Blue Tang (Paracanthurus hepatus), and Banggai Cardinal  Fish (Pterapogon kaudernil). The survival rate is 70-90% meanwhile the length gowth is 0,02-0,05 cm/day.

The economics analysis's result of enlargement for some kinds marine ornamental fish in sea cages integrated with wood construction gave profit Rp 257.325.500/a year with R/C ratio 1,8 and payback period 0,3 while enlargement investment is sea cages with bamboo construction gave a profit Rp 260.325.000/a year with R/C Ratio 1,9 and payback period 0,2/ a year.

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