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Flandrianto Sih Palimirmo*, Khairul Syahputra,
Yogi Himawan, and Huria Marnis
Research Institute for Fish Breeding
Jalan Raya Pantura Sukamandi no 2,
Patokbeusi, Subang Regency, West Java



Bacterial infection by Aeromonas hydrophila are being one problem in Indonesian common carp farmers. A. hydrophila bacteria can cause economic losses are quite high, so the handling is quite a serious need to reduce the level of losses incurred, so that the necessary electoral common carp strains that are resistant to bacteria A. hydrophila. Sukamandi Research Institute for Fish Breeding (BPPI) has conducted a selection common carp to create disease-resistant strains of Rajadanu. Challenge test of common carp Rajadanu against A hydrophyla bacteria has already did. This study is aims to determine the survival rate of Rajadanu strain common carp selected by Research Institute for Fish Breeding (BPPI) that has been infected by the A. hydrophyla bacteria.

The method is done by performing the challenge test strain Rajadanu common carp and comparison common carp with A. hydrophila bacteria inject into Rajadanu common carp and other comparison common carp. This research was conducted with A. hydrophila bacteria infect as many as 0.1 mL with a density of 108cfu/mL of bacterial of each Rajadanu common carp. As the comparison, this research used Mantap common carp and UPR (People Hatchery Unit) common carp which both are Majalaya strain. Each treatment consisted of three replications. A total of 90 Rajadanu common carp, the first comparator 90 common carp (Mantap common carp), and 90 common carp second comparator (UPR common carp) were tested using the A. hydrophila, and maintained in an aquarium measuring 100x60x60 cm3. Challenge test performed for 168 hours. Parameters measured were survival rate (SR) of carp.

The results obtained showed that the 168-hour observation for Rajadanu common carp superior to A. hydrophila bacteria test than first comparator and second comparator. The mean survival rate of Rajadanu common carp by 30%, while the first comparator is 13.33% and the second comparator is 26.67%. Its showed that Rajadanu common carp more resistant to disease caused by A. hydrophila than other comparator common carp.

Figure 1. Survival rate of Rajadanu strain comparison with Mantap and UPR.

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