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Anjang Bangun Prasetio, MP
Research and Development Institut for Ornamental Fish Culture
Jl. Perikanan No 13, Pancoran Mas Depok West Java 16436


Considering the advantages and potency of Research and Development Institute for Ornamental Fish Culture and challenges of development that must be faced, this institute requires a transformation in term of acceleration in creating technological packages as well as ornamental fish culture innovation technology and also R&D results expansion in the community. Particularly to further improve competitiveness and at the same time actualized society welfare of aquaculturists and Indonesian community in general. REIKKA'S concepts built with 6 (six) pillars, namely: 1) Recreation: There are so many fish species that have aesthetic value, as well as strategic location and sufficient land area. It's a potency that must be developed in the framework of national programs supporting, especially fisheries industrialization. So that people can luxuriate those experiences directly, especially in term of tourism needs fulfillment. 2) Education: Depok research institut plays a role in providing aquaculture training and ornamental fish introduction to wider communities (farmers, businessmen and students) .3) Informations and Communications: All information of ornamental fish R&D output are expected not only accessible by certain circles such as researchers, academics and other stakeholders but also the whole society can access it. 4) Conservation: Main focus of ornamental fish culture R&D, not only to conserve ornamental fish germplasm, starting from the upstream (inventory and collection), but also continued to maintenance or reared the fish from natural eksitu (domestication) until reach aquaculture stage 5) Attraction: To promote ornamental fish, both national and international events are needed by collaborating a synergy with private sector and other stakeholders, so that the public can increasingly be familiar with ornamental fish. REIKKA who was born in 2014, now has been successfully held annual national event that is covered by 83 Medias, both print and electronics. The activities include MURI World Records, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), Tourism education, technology exhibition, symposium, ornamental fish talk shows, ornamental fish breeding networking and technology application for wider community (Fig. 1)

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